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"Kim's clinic is a combination of mind, body and soul improvement. She has a positive attitude and a dedicated work ethic that sets the example for her clients and aids in the healing process. Since using her program my ability to walk has improved dramatically. I recommend Kim and her clinic without reservation."

          John Morris Marr, Retired Motel owner, WWII veteran

"I was diagnosed as having sciatica due to decreased disc space. After medication and physical therapy reduced the back pain to a tolerable level I decided that this was just something I would be living with. But then a good deep paid off. While looking for a massage therapist for my husband I found Kim and decided to indulge myself as well as my husband. Then I let Kim talk me into stretching. As we worked together the episodes of back pain became further and further apart. Better yet, Kim taught me what to do for myself when I am stiff and sore. Kim's wonderful caring attitude as well as her skill and knowledge has finally chased the back pain away."

          Ann Spangler, writer and graphic artist

"Kim Ortloff and AIS has improved my flexibility an amazing amount. As my flexibility has increased so has my running and hurdling performance. Flexibility is absolutely crucial to any professional athlete and when combined with massage it can help us to obtain the goals we have set. My goal is to continue to perform and compete at a professional level and together with Kim and her flexibility work this goal is obtainable by the day."

          Ken Harnden, professional athlete

"After having searched for 12 years to find solutions (real ones, not empty promises) to my pain from scoliosis, I finally found Kim Ortloff, who introduced me to Active Isolated Stretching, the Mattes method! Thank goodness, because I was wondering when I ever was going to feel like a normal human being again. I've been researching alternative solutions to surgery for scoliosis sufferers since 1998, and while several methods gave me hope and some improvement, Kim's instruction of AIS was something I could easily do at home, and gave me relief within minutes, not months or years. I can't thank you enough for your generous spirit and the time spent educating of everything we do. Understanding the process makes me want to stick with it completely. I feel like you're giving me that chance to have a healthy body for the rest of my life!"

          Karen Nelson Bell, Las Vegas entertainer, entrepreneur
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